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How to Get Rich | You Can Use Your Thoughts to Get Rich

Bruce Goldwell

How to Get Rich | You Can Use Your Thoughts to Get Rich

Author Bruce Goldwell has announced the release of his creative self-improvement book “You Can Use Your Thoughts to Get Rich” in September. In-depth commentary of the original book “Think and Grow Rich”.

The book Think and Grow Rich was originally published in 1937 and written by Napoleon Hill, an American motivational author. It was to promote personal development, enhance the quality of life, realization of dreams and aspirations, and focus on self-improvement.


Author Bruce Goldwell is a self-help writer who realized the urgency of this self-improvement book. The commentary covers: Baby Boomers I, II, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha.

TGR was first published during the worldwide crisis known as The Great Depression. Although Goldwell's title refers to the concern of increasing earnings, he proclaims that the philosophy in the book will help people to succeed in every aspect of their life and build faith in themselves. The author outlines the steps you should take and the steps you need to avoid. It will change the way you think and teach you the philosophy of achievement by defining principles for transforming thoughts into riches.

One of the main weaknesses of mankind is the average man’s familiarity with the word “impossible” - Highlighted by 1,635 Kindle readers

What You Can Achieve

"Think and Grow Rich" is an immortal book especially, the psychological techniques and dealing with certain situations such as visualization, affirmation, planning, decision, etc are dealt with in a pretty good manner. The book carries great words of wisdom, timeless information, and excellent self-development advice, and the principles here can be used for anything that you dream of. After reading the book, you’ll be blazed with positive energy and can understand what to do and how to do it.

TGR is written based on the observation of many individuals who had amassed personal prosperity. Napoleon Hill studied their habits and drew some rules to be applied to achieve goals, he draws 13 principles in the name of “Philosophy of Achievement”. He claimed to be inspired by the stories of many great achievers like Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and the other succeeders. He spent more than 20 years searching for achievers and failures (to find causes of failing) and set a transformative spirit into it.

Goldwell focused on principles for achieving one's ‘DREAMS’.

Which are:

  • Desire

  • Faith

  • Imagination

  • Autosuggestion

  • Decision

  • Specialized Knowledge

  • Organized Planning

  • Persistence

  • Power of the Master Mind

  • The Subconscious Mind

  • The Brain

  • The Sixth Sence

  • Believe, Believe, Believe

  • The Aim of Goldwell

    in his in-depth commentary will highly encourage every dreamer on earth and make them true achievers. Whether become rich or not, helping others is one of his missions, his only goal is to make the world a better place for every gen. The book is not actually about growing rich, you’ll come to learn that the book is more about giving an envisioned that desires an outcome of our activities. The author wants you to learn that life only gives you what you ask of it whether it is money, happiness, reputation, friendship, joy, or anything you dream about and thus, every time you read this book will get new ideas.

    People who desire small things get small things and those who desire big things have big things.

    In "“You Can Use Your Thoughts to Get Rich”," readers will thoroughly understand what it takes to manifest their DREAMS. The original release by Napoleon Hill, "THINK AND GROW RICH," created untold numbers of Millionaires. One would not be out of the ballpark to say thousands of people reached millionaire status due to this book. You Can Use Your Thoughts to Get Rich is for everyone seeking self-improvement, more wealth, better health, more loving relationships, and how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest their DESIRES. This book is for people who desire to learn how to create their DREAMS.

    "I don't doubt that readers will love this book when they read it! If you have not read anything by Napoleon Hill, you should certainly add this book to your book collection! It is very informative and inspirational, and the content is easy to follow. For example, you'll find how Auto-Suggestion (a form of hypnotism) affects your daily life." - Bruce Goldwell

    “You Can Use Your Thoughts to Get Rich” is a book for everyone, regardless of your profession. The book insight will help you to move out from procrastination and the fear of actualizing your goals. 

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