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Owning an autographed book by Bruce Goldwell holds significance beyond just possessing a copy of his work. Bruce Goldwell's desire is to add a personal touch and connection between the reader and the creator of the story. It signifies that he has endorsed that specific copy of the book, making it unique and often more valuable to collectors. Overall, owning an autographed book by Bruce Goldwell enhances the reading experience and serves as a tangible reminder of the author's impact on the reader's life.

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  • Beyond the Veil
  • The Faith of a Mustard Seed
  • Discerning Truth: Navigating the Realm of Good and Evil
  • Conscious Evolution : A Guide to Higher States of Awareness


  • Ask, Believe, Receive (For a New Generation of Manifesters)
  • The Pathway to Prosperity: Embracing the 21 Laws of Success
  • Cryptocurrency Unlocked: Navigating the New World of Finance
  • Easy-peasy Weight Loss: Simplifying Your Journey to a Healthier You
  • Liberty at the Crossroads: The Patriotic Duty to Defend the Constitution
  • Mastery of Abundant Living: The Keys to Mastering the Law of Attraction
  • Digital Gold Rush: Navigating the Future of Finance with Cryptocurrency and AI
  • Master of Your Destiny : A Roadmap to Self-Sufficiency and Entrepreneurial Freedom
  • Interview with AI : An AI's Insights on America's Past, Present, and Financial Future
  • Unlocking Your True potential : A Guide to Combining the Law of Attraction with Soul Hypnotism for Manifestation




  • Dragon Keepers I
  • Dragon Keepers II
  • Dragon Keepers III
  • Dragon Keepers IV
  • Dragon Keepers V
  • Dragon Keepers VI


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Starfighters 3 Book Set $36 [Signed Only]

Readers can now claim a set of the Starfighters 3-book series, each signed with Seal of Authenticity.

Starfighters Limited Book Set

Readers can now claim a set of the Starfighters 3-book series, each signed and numbered. Featuring Goldwell's signature, Seal of Authenticity, and Numbered X/100.

Books Numbered 51-100 -- $50

Books Numbered 26-50 -- $60

Books Numbered 11-25 -- $70

Books Numbered 1-10 -- $100.00

Dragon Keepers 6 Book Series

Dragon Keepers Signed Copies $75
[Save $15]

Fans can now claim a set of the Dragon Keepers 6-book series, each Signed with Seal of Authenticity.

Dragon Keepers Signed and Numbered

Fans can now claim a set of the Dragon Keepers 6-book series, each Signed, Numbered and with Seal of Authenticity.

Dragon Keepers Signed and Numbered $80

This is for copies numbered 50-100. Limited offer.

Dragon Keepers Signed and Numbered $85

This is for copies numbered 25-49. Limited offer.

Dragon Keepers Signed and Numbered $90

This is for copies numbered 11-24. Limited offer.

Dragon Keepers Signed and Numbered $100

This is for copies numbered 1-10. Limited offer.

Now 2-10! #1 IS SOLD.


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  • Optimal Fitness: From Exercise to Recovery
  • Smoothie Symphony: Blend Your Way to Wellness
  • The Fountain Of Youth: How to Grow Younger as You Age
  • Optimal Fitness: Mastering Bodybuilding for All Skill Levels
  • Optimal Fitness: Five Important Elements For Optimal Health
  • OPTIMAL FITNESS: A Comprehensive Guide to Shedding Pounds
  • HIIT It HARD! Beginner's Guide to Weight Loss and Body Sculpting
  • Easy-Peasy Weight Loss: Simplifying Your Journey to a Healthier You
  • Optimal Fitness: : Progressive Overload Workouts for Achieving Your Best Healthiest Self

Why Claim Autographed Copies?

Autographed books hold a higher value compared to their non-autographed counterparts for several reasons:

1. Authenticity and Rarity: An autographed book carries the author's personal signature, verifying its authenticity. This imbues the book with a sense of rarity and exclusivity, as it is one of a limited number of copies personally signed by the author.

2. Personal Connection: The signature establishes a direct connection between the author and the reader. Owning a signed book can evoke a sense of closeness to the author and their work, making it more meaningful and valuable to the reader.

3. Collector's Appeal: Autographed books are highly sought after by collectors due to their unique nature. Collectors often value signed editions as prized additions to their collections, especially if the author is renowned or if the book is considered significant within a particular genre or field.

4. Increased Market Demand: The presence of an author's signature often boosts the demand for a book in the market. This heightened interest can drive up the book's value, particularly in the case of rare or out-of-print editions.

5. Potential Investment: Autographed books can appreciate in value over time, especially if the author gains further acclaim or if the book becomes a classic. As such, they can serve as potential investment pieces for collectors looking to diversify their portfolios.

Overall, the combination of authenticity, personal connection, collector's appeal, market demand, and investment potential contributes to the higher value associated with autographed books compared to non-autographed ones.

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