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Bruce Goldwell can be contacted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His blog can be found at and his website is As a writer and a reader, Bruce Goldwell is devoted to helping people live better lives via his self help books. His fantasy books for kids, teens, and tweens include embedded success principle that are shared in his self help books.

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A Few Reviews on Goldwell Books

Cindy Smith

Greatly surprised at the in-depth writings of the Dragon Keepers Series. The Honor of the Tome, opens up a world of childlike fantasy filled with good and evil, man and elfin, dragons and beasts and takes you on a seamless journey from one volume to the next. This is definitely a book/series to be shared with your children, or as in my case grandchildren and bask in the awe and excitement in their young eyes as they realize the beauty and good that can be, and how it always overcomes the ugliness and evil of the world that is. Reminds me of reading Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird" for the very first time. Cindy Smith

Wendy Siefken 5.0 out of 5 stars A book anyone can follow and anyone can use!

I have been a contestant in Bruce's contest, Writer's Got Talent, Season 1, and everything he describes in the book step by step we have been doing throughout the contest. His steps are easy to follow without all the frills and chills. No pushing towards any one product or site. Just sites he has used that are working for him. He helps you from step one to the finish line of writing your book with tips and helpful hints along the way that he has experienced and some he learned the hard way. There are even recipes in the book that are quick and easy for those days you don't have time to spend all day in the kitchen. In the back there is a check list to go through during your process to becoming published. This is a must have for a first time indie author or a first time author period! I highly recommend this book to everyone who writes any genre!



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