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Law of Attraction Book Affirmations for Women

by Bruce Goldwell (Author)

About the Law of Attraction

There is so much abundance in the Universe! All we have to do is think about it and visualize it. This book will help you create a world of abundance for yourself, no matter what situation you are in. It's great for women who are struggling with self-esteem or limiting beliefs and manifesting what they want to see in their lives.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law. It's the law that states that you attract into your life what you focus on, think about, and give your attention to. This book contains affirmations for women that will help you to focus on what you want in your life and create the love, success and happiness that you desire.

"I am enough." "I can do this." "I am worthy." "I deserve what I want." These are just a few of the empowering, positive affirmations from "Mastery of Abundant Living - The Keys to Mastering the Law of Abundance" by Bruce Goldwell—a book that will make your goals seem achievable and your dreams feel just within reach.

If you're ready to unlock the key to more of what you want and less of what you don't want in life, this book is for you. Filled with powerful, practical, and easy-to-understand instructions, it will show you how to use the Law of Abundance to manifest anything you desire.


"A Very Easy Read" that will help you unlock the true potential of the Law of Attraction Eric L. Johnston - "This book takes the common denominator in every truly successful person you know and walks you thru a step-by-step process for making it a part of who you are. I am a Christian man who humbly respects the ultimate power of God. This book I found to be a reminder God's blessings lines up with our true desires if we harness the faith, vision, and driven belief we must have for it to fall into place. This must-read read for all of us that want a better life and a great reminder that success is a journey. Thank you, Bruce and Tammy, well done."

Easy to follow how to:
affirmations for daily living
attract more friends, love, and more clients for your business
key to increasing wealth and abundance
discover your true potential
and more...

W. Babcock - "Here's all I have to say...what do you have to lose? It's all about how you think and dreams...simple as that and by reading this book and learning how to apply it all, you can achieve goals you never thought possible! Live at the speed of thought! I do and I'm loving it! (I sound like an infomercial I know, but that's just how much I believe in this book! You won't be disappointed!)

Mastery of Abundant Living book

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