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About Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

A young adult fantasy book is a book that is primarily written for young adult readers but is not restricted to them. They are written for a more diverse age group and are often therefore viewed as more "literary". The genre of young adult fantasy books is often referred to as young adult fiction (YAF).

The term young adult fiction is also used to refer to books that are aimed at a younger audience than YA. Because these books are intended for a young audience, they generally contain younger (or what seem to be younger) protagonists and lean toward larger-than-life mythology of magic, elves, dwarves, dragons, and fairies.

Young adult fiction is not restricted to the genre of YA, as it includes books for readers of all ages. At the same time, the content of young adult fiction should fall within the parameters of the genre to avoid causing the book to be misinterpreted by readers who are not used to the content of young adult fiction.

Young Adult Fiction: What Is It?

Books for readers between the ages of 12 and 18 are generally considered to fall under the category of young adult fiction. It's intended to ease the transition from middle-grade literature to adult fiction by serving as the next level of reading content. It provides readers with tales that are generally more sophisticated in terms of emotion and theme.

YA is more of an age-based category of fiction than a genre. It can be found in a variety of genres, including fantasy, mystery, and science fiction, and it indicates the reading proficiency, perspective, and maturity of a particular demographic.

It captures the typical ideas and feelings that teenagers typically experience, such as friendship, defining their identity, and developing romantic connections.

The majority of young adult novels center on teenagers who are starting to enter adulthood. They uncover aspects of themselves that they were unaware of, solve their own issues, and develop the ability to accept accountability for their actions. Consequently, coming-of-age tales are another name for YA novels.

YA Subject Matter

Many individuals make the error of assuming that YA themes are simpler than those found in adult fiction. Simply said, this is untrue.

There are some motifs that are more particular to one category than others, although they are often interchangeable. What sets one apart from the other is how these ideas are explored.

Characters in young adult literature explore and test limits in an effort to establish who they are. Characters in adult fiction frequently struggle to live under these restrictions when they are placed on them.

Consider the theme of romance, which is commonly covered in both categories. Adult fiction, however, seems to be more about looking for "the one," whereas YA fiction typically focuses on first love.

Top 20 Young Adult Fantasy Books of 2022

Hadley's Mountain Top Valley a Young Adult Fantasy

young adult fantasy by Bruce Goldwell & Lace Brunsden

If you are looking for a short but fun fantasy story for your kids to enjoy, Hadley's Mountain Top Valley is the perfect one for you. This story features three boys who live on a mountain top and have an unexpected romance when a stranger drops in on them.

Take a journey with three boys who have been self-sufficient on Hadley Mountain for years. Losing their parents, they are being cared for by each other and the little resources available when one day an unexpected visitor literally drops in on them from out of nowhere and changes everything about their lives forever!

Includes over a dozen Illustrations by Aleksandra Hammer


Cupa: Adventure Begins! (Battle Princess Saga Book 1)

young adult fantasy

Breakthrough into a world of magic, where anything is possible.

Join Cupa as she travels across Certa seeking adventure wherever she goes. Joined by her father, the Grand Magus, the most powerful magician to have ever lived, and her mother, Luna, the ambassador to the Moon Kingdom, who wields the moon’s awesome might, Cupa rides into battle with her trusty warhorse, Magnus.

Inside you will find a collection of tales of Cupa’s greatness as she banishes goblins and creatures alike. She utilizes moon magic herself and is armed with a sword capable of banishing evil to the negative. She is an unstoppable force of good, and she’s only 10 years old!

Unravel the mysteries of her world and make it your own.


Piperlicious Goes To Hawaii: “An Adventurous Travel Guide For Kids”

young adult fantasy

Piperlicious' dream is to find the secret treasure of the island.

Piperlicious is a kind young girl who enjoys traveling and discovering new places with her family. This children's book takes the reader all the way to Hawaii. Piperlicious wins a trip to the wonderful Kauwela Palace with her family, so her younger sister Londyn and her grandmother Mimi could also join to her vacation.

Piperlicious even has a map and her small chimp friend Paz on her side. After she meets the local queen and king, Piperlicious, Londyn, and Paz start their super-secret mission around the island. The goal of the small team is to find the long forgotten pirate treasure that once belonged to the Royal Family. During their trip they discover new places on Hawaii and they all enjoy the time spent together.

This captivating kid's book is full of attractive illustrations. It will make a good bedtime read for your little one. It is also suitable for kids who are just learning to read, as the wording of the story is simple and the characters are adorable. This is the third book of the Piperlicious series so don't forget to check the other adventures too!


The Headless Archer: Discover a Fantastic World of Myth and Legend (The Lelandis Adventures Book 1)”

young adult fantasy

Discover a fantastic world of myth and legend.

Lily and Oliver arrive at their Auntie’s home expecting a boring start to their summer holiday, but her old house has hidden secrets. Somehow it is connected to the recent disappearance of a school group in a nearby wood – a wood said to be haunted by the Headless Archer.

The twins make friends with Colin, and by following clues and solving riddles, the trio discovers more than they ever imagined. The lost teachers and students are alive but in a dangerous place far beyond Earth. Can Lily, Oliver and Colin rescue them before it is too late?

The Headless Archer cleverly intertwines our world with a world of myth and legend. It is a gripping fantasy filled with humour, friendship and adventure. The story will entertain children and their parents alike.


Tamar and PJ One Giant Adventure”

young adult fantasy

PJ’s weekend began like any other, but his sense of tranquility was mere illusion. Hunted down and poisoned by a wicked humanoid strain, PJ slowly loses his health and sanity as a lone giant races to save him.

After centuries of solitude Tamar’s decision to save PJ has unforeseen consequences. He unwittingly kills Krell, the vorteh Emperor’s son and heir to the throne, placing a mark on his own head. Now Tamar must perform the nearly impossible task of creating an antidote that will save PJ, while avoiding marauding vorteh death squads. With PJ’s outcome unknown Tamar makes one final decision. He confronts Emperor Dedac, sacrificing his life to save the lives of PJ and his family.

No animals, humans, vorteh, or giants were harmed during the writing of this book. Well, maybe some vorteh were.



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